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John J. Dessler

Teaching for over 3 decades, primarily focusing on visual/art creation and theater, but also covering many other subjects rooted in the Arts.

Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges

Developed courses and workshops that he held for many schools on topics including improv, acting, art, game design, and digital processes. Ran improv and theater workshops at Penn State Beaver and served as coach and judge for the Geneva College One Act Play Competition. Taught web design at C.C.B.C. and also held art and theater classes in its continuing education dept.

Carnegie Mellon University

Currently Special Faculty at The Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. There he teaches Entertainment Technology, Visual Story, Immersive Media Pre Production, 360 Story and Sound, animation, pipeline process, UI/UX, brainstorming and playtesting, and team management.

Alice Summer Gaming Bootcamp

Alice is a block-based programming environment that makes it easy to create animations, build interactive narratives, or program simple games in 3D. John has been a part of Alice's events for middle school students. He designed and held workshops on storyboarding and creating strong narrative experiences in games.


Taught art classes at Boscov's Community Theater, developed and held after school sessions for numerous Beaver County schools, and worked with other organizations such as Adult Literacy Action, Aliquippa Embraces the Arts, Rochester Chamber of Commerce, and Sweetwater Center For The Arts, to help foster and support the arts.

Call To Art Conference

Call To Art Call To Art

Featured speaker at the 2020 UN-Conference for Art Educators. The event is produced by Art Class Curator

The topics covered were "Storyboarding and Intro to Digital Game Art" and "Visual Story and E'motion' Art".
The Outlet for Creativity, Inc.

Created and taught classes in art, theater, and writing for all ages at The Outlet for Creativity, inc., a non-profit dedicated to fostering and supporting the Arts.

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